Welcome to Cheddar Bay's Christmas pages, where you will hopefully find something new to add to your holiday table or party!

Christmas really is (as the song playing reminds us) the "most wonderful time of the year!" And although Steve and I have formed our own traditions that are uniquely ours, I'm very thankful for having grown up in a home where my parents and grandparents (who lived with us) put such an emphasis on the holidays. Traditions that centered around family and ... FOOD!

Each year, I'll add a new section devoted entirely to Christmas, and you can get to them from this page. But if you're like me, you might be in the mood for Christmas right in the middle of July! So I'll leave my page up year 'round.

Merry Christmas to everyone! And God bless us, every one!

~~ Nancy

And now let's get to those Christmas pages!

(*) The pages for 2006 contain much more than recipes. There, you'll find pages devoted to how to have a cookie exchange, gifts to make from your kitchen, all about Charles Dickens, many, many printable gift tags and even Nora Krank's recipes!


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