(1959 / 80 minutes / B&W)

The master of horror, Vincent Price, and the 'bewitching' Agnes Moorehead star in this classic thriller where murder, mystery and terror abound! You'll be on the edge of your seat until the very end because, as the promos warn you ... when the bat flies, someone dies!

Agnes Moorehead carries the film as Cornelia Van Gorder, a mystery writer who has rented The Oaks, a mansion with the reputation for being haunted. Shortly after her arrival, her maid tells her of a killer who is on the loose in the area. He is known only as "The Bat."

Vincent Price portrays Dr. Malcolm Wells ... a physician who knows the identity of The Bat, but doesn't live long enough to make it known.

When a million dollars in securities is embezzeled from the local bank and hidden somewhere within The Oaks, strange and mysterious events begin happening at the mansion ... including break-ins, bat bites, secret panels and murder.

The Bat is a good addition to any thriller collection.


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