Born November 22, 1904 (Boston, Massachusetts)
Died October 22 1989 (Englewood, New Jersey)

Son of violinist-composer Felix Winternitz, Roland Winters was the Monogram Studios chose to replace Sidney Toler. Winters began work in the theatre in 1928, and by 1933 was a successful supporting player.

Winters brought a cynical quality to Charlie Chan. It has also been said that he put forth the least amount of effort to the role. He lacked the charm that Oland and Toler gave to the part. He played Chan with very little make-up, squinting to give his face an Oriental cast. But reportedly, Winters very much enjoyed playing the part of Chan.

Roland Winters took Chan through his final six cases, until the series ended in 1949 after a run of nearly two decades.

His post-Chan work includes many films, including the role in Blue Hawaii as the father of Elvis!

Roland Winters died of a stroke at the Actor's Fund Nursing Home in Englewood, N.J., on October 22, 1989. He was 84 years old.