Cheddar Bay Blinkies

It came from the internet. A progressive and agressive virus. And I fell victim to it. Folks, I have acute Blinkie Fever!

How did this happen? My girlfriend Pam sent me an email. "What in the world are all these Blinkies I'm seeing all over the 'net?", she asked. I honestly didn't know. I had to investigate! I entered "Blinkies" in my Google search. I clicked on the first site listed. I had been exposed. I was now infected. As the condition set in, I became obsessed with these blinking little gif-files! The next stage in the fever ... find a tutorial!

Six days leter, I had already made 147 Blinkies!!! There was no turning back now. So here I am with my very own Blinkie Page! I'm glad you dropped in to visit. But be forewarned ... these flashing little cuties can get to you, and their byte is addictive. There's no cure. But should you diagnose yourself with the Fever, the only therapy is to create your own Blinkies. The BEST tutorial I found is HERE. (**This link was broken for awhile, but is now back on-line).

Now, on to my blinkies! But first, the rules ...

** This used to be a "No Right-Click Zone". But I've had so many requests for my Blinkies, that I now have almost 500 emails with requests!!! No one wold ever have time to answer all that mail, so I removed the right-click-block, and you're now on the honor system ... which means, you can take the blinkies you want, but please remember to follow the next rules (linking back, downloading them to your own files, etc.).

** Download graphics to your hard drive. DO NOT direct link to my site!!

** Please give credit where it is due. If you use my Blinkies on your website, please link back to (I have a logo Blinkie below, or you can just text-link, which is probably easier).

** Your website must be family friendly. No adult material whatsoever!

** Do not alter my Blinkies please.

** Do not claim one of the Blinkies as your own or place them in any collection.

Sounds simple enough!

One more thing before you scroll down to the Blinkies themselves ... I'm once again taking requests for blinkies, so if you're looking for something special and don't see it here, please email me and let me know what it is you're looking for. Be specific on text/photo and colors.

Now, let's get down to BLINKIES!!!

**SPECIAL BLINKIES ADDED SEPTEMBER 15, 2006: New Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin Blinkies were added just below the "Celebrities" Section.

Personal Blinkies


Cheddar Bay link blinkies; New Jerusalem Ministries is my husband's on-line ministry


Olhausen Billiards & Burtons Bamboo Garden are my cousins businesses


Patriotic & Military Blinkies













Sports Blinkies
















Christian Blinkies





"Causes" Blinkies





Trucking Blinkies




Movie/TV Show Blinkies



















































Celebrity Blinkies

























































The blinkes below are dedicated to the memory of The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.
If you take any of these Blinkies,
please email me and let me know how you have used them.
I'd love to see them on your site, or know how you are using them. Thanks!

Kids Blinkies








Animals & Pets














Food & Kitchen







Commercial & Collecticle/Hobbies Blinkies















Hot Rods 'n Things






Christmas Blinkies




Halloween Blinkies


Misc. Blinkies












Grab a while you're here!