The Victorian era was a kinder and gentler time. A time when women were ladies and men were gentlemen. An era when strict morals and etiquette ruled the day. When afternoon teas were a social event. Calling cards and flowers had a message of their own.

What is it about tea time that makes it so appealing? Why are more and more tea rooms opening up all over the country? It is because tea time brings with it beauty, romance, elegance and friendship.

My sister Linda and I share a love of Fairies and Angels, romantic old films and a gentle way of living. So it seemed the most natural thing in the world for us when we decided on June 9, 2006 (my birthday, by the way!) to step back in time to the Victorian Era and share a cup of tea. What happened went beyond our wildest dreams, because when we established our Lavendar Ladies club, we were also establishing a new lifestyle for ourselves.

The purpose of the Lavender Ladies was originally to follow the "Fairy Life-Style" rules of conduct and to practice a joyful, child-like, ageless and beautiful way of living. A return to the gentleness and civility of the Regency, Victorian and Edwardian eras ... a time of innocence, beauty, kindness and gentleness as expressed in the rituals of teas and gardens. A time when being a lady was a virtue and being a gentleman was honorable.

The Lavender Ladies are timeless. No matter the year, civility and and gentleness are always "in." And the lifestyle can be practiced in any place, any season, any time. To be a member, one must have imagination and follow the Flower Fairy lifestyle. And also, one must adhere to our motto, which is (in the immortal words of the late Ruth Gordon),

How old would you be
if you didn't know how old you were?

Lavender Ladies can meet in gardens, at teas or anywhere they can feel "cozy." Lavender Ladies especially love trips to towns where gift shoppes and antique stores abound.

The Lavender Ladies also consider ourselves to be a "Carol's Club," based on our favorite book, The Birds Christmas Carol, by Kate Douglas Wiggin. When the book was published in the 1880s, "Carol Clubs" were formed by girls to become like the heroine, Carol Bird, by showing kindness to all.

Lavender Ladies can only be joined by those who are true "kindred spirits" and follow the life-style rule.

Lavender Ladies are gentle, soft-spoken, cheerful, child-like but not childish, peaceful, serene and live life to the fullest.


Lavender Ladies Favorite Quotes

Go not abroad for happiness; for see, it is a flower that blooms at thy door. (~Minot J. Savage)

The charm of a house, like the charm of a person, is an outward manifestation of inward grace. (~Unknown)

Become a Lavender Lady

It is such a priviledge to be a Lavender Lady! But it is something that my sister and I do, and from time-to-time, we add honorary Lavender Ladies to our group.

So how can you become a Lavender Lady? It's very simple. Commit yourself to following the guidelines for gracious living, and you're automatically a true Lavender Lady. Then ask a friend to join you for tea, keep adding other gracious, gentle friends and you have your own club! Your meetings can be at a restaurant, a tea in your homes, a book club, a Summer picnic or even something as simple as sitting together on the front porch engaged in conversation. It's whatever you see as capturing the essence of the Victorian/Edwardian age and spirit.

Your life will be so enriched!

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