Victorian Cats

The most popular household pets during the Victorian era were cats. And here's a few reasons why.

Cats are independent and aloof; they accept people on their own terms -- they love who they love, and they tolerate all others.

They are age-indifferent, but seem to perhaps bond better with older adults.

They are playful and curious and always polite. They are affectionate when necessary.

They adjust to their surroundings. They're at home in a barn or in a parlor, but always live a little above their lot in life.

They have found peace in being themselves. They thrive on peace, tranquility and serenity. They enjoy solitude.

They find joy in simple things -- string, a sip of milk, sitting in a window, watching birds, taking a nap.

Cats love a rainy day, an occasional storm and a bite of turkey on holidays.

They adore classical music, gardens and Christmas.

They're particular about who they own.

They love the night, and they have a taste for the theatre.

They are Victorian and Edwardian.

They enjoy books and reading. Their favorite author is T.S. Eliot. And because of their hunter instinct, they love a good mystery.

They are regal, and believe themselves royal.

They may be an alley cat, but they'll think they're a lion.

And most of all, cats have a mystique!

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