William Henry & Anna Harrison's Recipes


When the ducks are ready dressed, put in them a small onion, pepper, salt, and a spoonful of red wine; if the fire be good, they will roast in twenty minutes; make gravy of the necks and gizzards, a spoonful of red wine, half an anchovy, a blade or two of mace, one Onion and a little cayenne pepper, boil it till it is wasted to half a pint, strain it through a hair sieve, and pour it on the ducks—serve them up with onions and sauce in a boat, garnish the dish with raspings of bread.

2-1/2 lb duck
1/2 lemon
ground white pepper
large orange cut in four with the skin on
garlic cloves
red wine
lump of butter
one cup orange juice or orange marmalade

Remove gizzards, livers, hearts and necks. Scrub fowl thoroughly inside and out, then rub half a lemon all over inside and out. Dry well on paper towel. Season inside with Salt and pepper. Stuff quarters of orange into each duck. Add bruised clove of garlic, and small lump of butter. Tie up duck carefully and arrange on a rack. Brush with melted butter. Pour a little red wine in the bottom of the roasting pan (save the rest for Basting). Roast wild ducks 25-30 minutes in a 450 degree oven, duckling or domestic duck, should be roasted in a medium slow oven at 325 degree for 35 minutes a pound. Only wild ducks are cooked at a high temperature and served rare.

Baste occasionally with a mixture of orange juice and red wine. Serve carved on a hot platter garnished with oranges and cranberries.